Advertising Clothes

We invite you to introduce yourself with the new comfortable tab: Advertising Clothes, which we offer You will find there catalogs online with advertising clothing brands most frequently chosen by our customers for printing,... read more

New offer enquiry form and order execution scheme

With the new Website we introduced the new updated offer enquiry form, which contains tips that can facilitate communication with WIB’s sales department. We hope that thanks to the new enquiry form it will be easier for You to place an order trough Internet. In... read more

New WIB’s investments

WIB’s machine park for sublimation printing is still developing, which is our response to client’s needs. Latest investment is highly-effective Epson printer, that improves our productivity in sublimation printing, quality of products and additionally... read more

New WIB’s website

We are glad to inform You that on 23rd Noverber we opened our new Website. Updated image in the Internet coincided with WIB’s new graphical representation, in which the modernization of 20 year old logo. The new Website is responsive, i.e. it fits to every... read more