Terms and conditions of cooperation WIB Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne Wiesław Bobrowicz / sole proprietorship.

General Terms of Cooperation

This terms shall govern the conditions of cooperation between WIB , hereinafter called the Supplier and a placing the order in WIB Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne Wiesław Bobrowicz, hereinafter called Ordering party.

The order shall be made in writing (e-mail) at the address below: handel@wib.pl

The order should include a description of the product, parameters of embellishment, a visualization, quantity, fixed prices and the order completion date – all the information required should be established in advance with Supplier’s representative.

The Ordering Party may refer to order sheet available on the Supplier’s website.

The execution of an order shall begin after the Supplier’s representative confirms the completion date, visualization, parameters of embellishment, delivery form, price and payment terms.

Commencement of cooperation:

  1. When placing an order with the Supplier, the Ordering Party is obliged to send Excerpt of the commercial register, the entry on Registry of Business activity and Vat number.
  2. An order placed with the Supplier is accepted if made in writing or in electronic format signed by the Ordering Party or confirmed by e-mail.
  3. The order completion date shall be defined in agreement with the Supplier. The delivery deadline depends on the date of approval of a design and visualization. The order completion date shall run from placing the order until the execution of the order. In special cases the Supplier reserves the right to change the date of delivery.
  4. New customers are required to make a prepayment – 100% of the gross order value before starting the execution of three first orders. After full payment has been made, the Ordering Party may apply for an extension of the period for payment.
  5. Once the deadline of the payment had been exceeded the Supplier reserves the right to withdraw all previously set terms.

Delivery and transport to Ordering Party:

  1. Deliveries are executed at the Ordering Party’s expense.
  2. Deliveries are executed only on working days.


  1. The Ordering Party is obliged to accurate checking of the product during reception in the courier’s presence.
  2. In case of any external or internal damage, caused during the transport, the Ordering Party is obliged to draw up a damage protocol together with the courier and send a copy to the Supplier. This document will be a basis for the possible replacement of the damaged product and claims from the courier’s company.
  3. In the case the product does not confirm with purchased order, the Ordering Party is entitled to lodge a complaint in conformity with the provisions of the Polish Law.
  4. In order to accept a complaint, it is necessary for the Ordering Party to send it in writing by e-mail, and if any other arrangements have not been made, to deliver the claimed product to our office.
  5. In cases not provided under this agreement the provisions of Polish Law shall apply.