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Gadgets production in Poland

Gadgets production in PolandWIB’s showroom is still enlarging its offer of new gadgets, that are designed and produced thanks to our technological base. A project is created after the recognition of the client’s needs. Subsequently, the design is edited by our art studio with the specificity of WIB’s technology. In our stock, everybody can find many different and interesting offers. It is possible to personalize and design a textile gadget and entirely decide about its color, shape, material and other important features. Our team will design every model of gadget according to your expectations and pattern. We are able to produce an object from any material, for example, from fabric, jersey or felt.

Promotional Clothing PolandWIB

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Our services include designing advertising T-shirts. To do it, we use the technology of screen and sublimation printing and embroidery. Our team enables the individual design of the product, suited to the image of the given brand perfectly. Moreover, we are also able to create any model and pattern of a bag satisfying customer’s needs and according to its function. It can be made of fabrics or knitwear in any color or combination of colors. We can add screen printing, sublimation or embroidery and all kinds of accessories, such as string, clamps, handles, and others. Going forward, a similar idea is used when it comes to designing pillows. We are able to produce any kind of pillow according to its future function (for sleeping or decoration). What is more, the pillow can also perform an advertising function perfectly.